Photo by David Paz

Britney Michelle Perkins remembers when the bullying started in second grade. A boy in her class started mocking her because she was overweight.

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Anthony Ross, 25, was kicked out of his house and became homeless. He’s struggling with depression, but is driven to make a better life for his son.

“I hate living here!” was carved into my bed. I would sit on the floor and stare at it for hours. We had just moved and I had to leave behind all the friends and the memories I had made. It was the end of my sixth grade year and I was just about to […]

A mí y a mis padres nos gusta contar cuentos. Rememorar malos viejos tiempos es un pasatiempo que tenemos para acordarnos de cuánto hemos logrado. Como a muchos estudiantes, aquellos malos viejos tiempos a menudo interrumpían mis estudios. Aunque mantenía mis buenas calificaciones, estaba perdida emocionalmente. Me parecía que llevaba dos mochilas – una con mis […]

My parents and I like to tell stories. It’s a hobby of ours to reminisce on the bad old days to remind us how far we’ve come. Like a lot of students, those bad old days often got in the way of my schooling. While I kept up my grades, emotionally I was lost. It […]