Get Covered

If you are fighting depression, you have options.

One way to get help is by first getting health coverage. Depending on your income and some other eligibility factors, you may qualify for Medi-Cal, California’s health coverage program for low-income individuals (as well as pregnant women, foster youth and former foster youth, and others). Medi-Cal now covers mental health services, including depression. Once you have coverage, you have more options for mental health treatment, including counseling and medication.

You can enroll in person by visiting:

  • Your local County Social Services Office. County social services offices can help you apply for Medi-Cal and other valuable programs for which you may be eligible. Find your local office at
  • Your local community health center. Health centers are an important resource for both enrolling in health coverage and getting care. Find the center nearest to you by visiting and click on “Find My Health+ Center”.
  • Certified Enrollment Counselors. Organizations in your community have trained certified counselors to help you with enrolling. To find a certified enrollment counselor near you, visit

You can enroll online by visiting:

  • to enroll into Medi-Cal, as well as learn if you are eligible for other programs like CalFresh (food assistance) and CalWORKs (cash assistance)

You can enroll by phone by calling:

  • Your local county social services office
  • A certified enrollment entity or counselor

Note: Regardless of how you enroll, all Medi-Cal cases are managed by your local county social services office. Your county may contact you to follow up on your application or eligibility.