Breakups are common in college, but for Isaac Montoya, a 25-year-old Pierce College student, the end of a relationship was the beginning of a struggle with depression.

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Anthony Ross, 25, was kicked out of his house and became homeless. He’s struggling with depression, but is driven to make a better life for his son.

High school sophomore Kelly Morimoto says when her friend first came to her to talk about his depression she was “shocked.” No one, after all, had ever spoken to her about how to respond in these kinds of situations. “I didn’t believe him [at first] because he seemed so normal all the time … like […]

A mí y a mis padres nos gusta contar cuentos. Rememorar malos viejos tiempos es un pasatiempo que tenemos para acordarnos de cuánto hemos logrado. Como a muchos estudiantes, aquellos malos viejos tiempos a menudo interrumpían mis estudios. Aunque mantenía mis buenas calificaciones, estaba perdida emocionalmente. Me parecía que llevaba dos mochilas – una con mis […]

My parents and I like to tell stories. It’s a hobby of ours to reminisce on the bad old days to remind us how far we’ve come. Like a lot of students, those bad old days often got in the way of my schooling. While I kept up my grades, emotionally I was lost. It […]