About Us

#FeelBetter is a social media-driven storytelling campaign about depression in young people. Our youth network created the #FeelBetter campaign with the idea that sharing stories about not only depression, but also access to treatment, could begin to break through the stigma that keeps so many young people suffering in silence – and also encourage health coverage enrollment among youth.

Medi-Cal expansion under the Affordable Care Act for the first time offers the promise of health care to young low-income childless adults who never qualified for it before. The young man who inspired the #FeelBetter campaign was crippled by depression for years. He finally accessed health care by enrolling in Medi-Cal early in 2014 and told NAM he wanted to help spread the word.

New America Media is a San Francisco based news agency with 30 years of experience working to promote youth communications. If you have questions about #FeelBetter or would like to contribute, please contact:
Allen Meyer: ameyer@newamericamedia.org
Anna Challet: achallet@newamericamedia.org