Robert Cervantez, 19, says he’s been dealing with feelings of depression since middle school. After Robert began resorting to self-harm as a coping mechanism, his family tried conventional therapy but it didn’t seem to help. Ultimately, it was a particular brand of music and the community around it that provided a much needed cathartic outlet for Robert.

Shot by Alyssa Castro, Edited by Andres Reyes

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  1. I’m in middle school and I’m having a lot of depression first of all my most bestest friend is not my friend anymore and is always mad at me for nothing. Then my mom is just annoying me and is constantly mad and yelling. It’s not the changes of schools or anything I just feel like a loner I just want a friend and a mom that is not mad most of the time. I even considered suicide once but I thought I’m not doing suicide. Now I’m just broken. Just shattered in a million pieces that no one can fix.


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